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Mahalaxmi Groups offers an array of 2.5 BHK & 3 BHK apartments a total of 184 units ranging from 1025 sft. to 1480 sft.

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Mahalaxmi Groups

Since its formation in 2003, the Gulbarga based Mahalaxmi Groups has been displaying supremacy in crafting exceptional living spaces. Over the years, it has enhanced its reputation to emerge as a leading name in quality real estate developments. Features such as attention to detail, classy design, and elegant finishes mark the properties developed by the company.

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Mahalaxmi Groups

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Mahalaxmi Groups Gulbarga

We at Mahalaxmi Group are a professionally managed organization with stable and confident business base.

Our uniquely diverse multi-domain portfolio involves the development of quality in architecture on both residential and commercial properties in Gulbarga.

At the moment we are totally focused on growing need for quality homes and commercial building in Gulbarga. one of the fastest growing cities in Karnataka also proposed smart city in India



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Call Us Today @ +91 99018 10999, +91 98451 91919, +91 96324 79999
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Mahalaxmi Groups


Sri Raghavendra K. Mailapur

Chief Mentor Mahalaxmi Group

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Nagarjun M. Mailapur

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Kunal R. Mailapur

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Sri Raghavendra K Mailapur

Shri Raghavendra K. Mailapur, Born on 5th July 1965 in Gulbarga, as a second son to Late Kashinath Mailapur and mother Smt. Savitribai Mailapur. Studied In Sharana Basveshwar Residential school upto 6th standard. Had to discontinue his studies to enter into family business of Jewellary at an early age. Married on 9th July, 1991 to Smt.Veena Mailapur and have one son Kunal Mailapur.

Is the Chief Mentor of Mahalaxmi Group which is one of the fastest growing property developer and jewellery business at Kalaburagi (Gulbarga). Under his stewardship, the 37 years business history is a testimony to the success of a rank outsider to jewelry and property development in a new city, and it’s evolution into one of Kalaburagi’s most professionally managed Jewelry and Real Estate business establishments. He has an enviable portfolio of assets comprising world class residential Shopping Centers and Office spaces.

He was elected for 2 terms as a Managing Committee member of Hyderabad Karnataka Chamber of commerce & Industry (HKCCI), Treasurer for 1 term and 4 terms Vice-President.

Mr.Raghavendra K. Mailapur was also a Director of Ganesh Co-operative Bank and also presently serving as the president of Arya Vysya Samaj, Kalaburagi & Nagareshwar Welfare Society, Kalaburagi to this date.

Shri Raghavendra K. Mailapur is a business leader with a clear vision for the industry. His foray into the Real estate Business about a decade ago has also brought him instant success and is now well-versed in real estate business. He is the creator of Gold Hub, one of its kind in the country over 240 shops exclusively for Gold Jewelers along with a wide arena of food court and fine dine located in the heart of the city in Gulbarga. He is currently executing a couple of Innovative Real Estate Projects in Gulbarga. Being a resident of Gulbarga, he is the main local person who would be looking after the day to day affairs of the proposed project.

At the core of Mr. Mailapur's professional endeavors is his personal credo of PQRST - Punctuality, Quality, Reliability, Speed and Transparency. This value framework places the customer at the heart of every project and every activity within the Mailapur organization. Through this, Mr. Mailapur has succeeded in infusing a high level of professionalism very early in the organisation, which was not seen in the jewelry and realty sector.

His roots are from a very traditional Arya Vysya business family, notwithstanding Mr. Raghavendra K. Mailapur’s vision for the business to be at the cutting edge of innovation, the flag bearer of responsible practices and a commitment to social responsibility have given the organization an enviable reputation as a new age leader in the industry. Such novel initiatives include the following:

Adopting green technology and environmentally sustainable building practices Forging Public-Private Partnerships, long before they became de rigueur, with the Government and local bodies. Initiatives such as road development, revamping bus stands, Government-run Schools and many gardens and green spaces around the city are examples of such partnerships.

Establishing Mailapur S.E.V.A. - Supporting and Encouraging Voluntary Action, as a personal pledge, as well as a business pledge, to support and nurture socially responsible action, while addressing social issues and serving the community at large.

From displaying architectural flair to being a bellwether of corporate responsibility, Mr. Mailapur has demonstrated the power of his vision and the strength of his values.

It is no wonder that he stands tall in his fraternity, inspiring others with his quest to achieve newer and greater heights.

A successful journey of Shri. Raghavendra K. Mailapur

1985 :

Pioneer to introduce the concept of Jewellery Showroom in the Kalaburagi region.

1990 :

Establishment of 60 luxurious showroom at Saraf Bazaar and inaugurated by MLA Mr. Qamar ul Islam.

1995 :

Acceptance of higher responsibility- Became the president of jewellery Association of Kalaburagi and performing the duty to the date!
Expansion of Empire- Birth of Mahalaxmi Bullions to deal with coins and bars.
Acceptance of social responsibilities- Elected for two terms as a managing committee member of Hyderabad Karnataka Chamber of commerce & Industry, Treasurer for one term and four terms vice-president.
Mr. Raghavendra K. Mailapur was also a director of Ganesh Co-operative bank, also serving as the president of Arya Vysya Samaj Kalaburagi & Nagareshwar welfare society Kalaburagi to the date.

1999 :

Appointed as the Trustee & Vice chairman of Saibaba temple and active to the date.
Approved valuer for Government of India.

2001 :

Established Mahalaxmi Jewellers Pvt. Ltd., Retail showroom at supermarket, Kalaburagi.

2006 :

Established Gulbarga Suvarna Bhandar Pvt.Ltd. a unique wholesale concept serving 5000 families in Hyderabad Karnataka region.

2008 :

A year of diversification started and entered into to Real Estate business. 2010- Back to basics!
Construction of Gold Hub Started in 2009 and was finished in 2014 with a massive total of 240 Jewelry shops accommodating all modern technologies (First of its kind in South India, second in India)

2010 :

The concept of Lotus town - Apartment with Commercial complex in Gazipur, Kalaburagi.

2012 :

Launch of Rainbow paradise near Sun International Hotel Jewargi road, Kalaburagi
Orchid Mall opp. Siddi pasha- Multiplex (4 screens), gaming zone with all international standards took a birth (First of its kind in Kalaburagi).
English County was introduced with 82 Luxury Premium Villas- Club House with all Modern amenities (First of its Kind in Kalaburagi).
Introduction of Kashi Kamal Budget Housing in Kalaburagi City, total 828 Apartment near High court.

2013- Another successful year!

Orange tree & Lemon tree Luxury premium apartment was beside KEB Kalyan Mantap Jewargi Road. Total 106 apartments.

2014 :

Gold smith Hub was introduced near to Gold Hub. Envision- Expansion of Hotel Industry in 2015. Accolade and Recognitions in 2007.
Recognized as “The Alchemist Times group” out of 28 members
“Gold hub has being awarded for best Building Structure in North Karnataka in the year 2014”.

2015 :

Vice President of North Karnataka Jewellers Association Mahasabha (NKJAM)
Vice Chairman Karnataka Jewellers Federation Bangalore. (KJF)

2016 :

President Vasavi Club Kalaburagi Pride. 2642
Director Karnataka Vasavi Academic. (Bangalore)